Bus Information

In association with Geraldine Primary School and Carew Peel Forest School, we transport over 600 school children to and from Geraldine each day. Safety for all students while travelling by bus is our prime concern, so rules and expectations are made clear and strictly adhered to

The full rules are available on the Bus Enrolment Form, and families need to be aware that any behaviour that puts others at risk while on the bus will result in being removed from the bus service.

Buses cover a wide area, and details about bus services from your address are available on application for enrolment, or from the school’s bus controller, Mark Hayward: [email protected]

The Transport Manager is Bronwyn Hawkins: [email protected] or phone 03 693 0017 or 021 026 78000.

Weather conditions and other unexpected occurrences can affect the running of school buses. Safety of the students and drivers is the first priority when deciding whether or not school buses will run.

Bus Registration Form

If buses are cancelled:

  • Port FM Radio Station
  • Classic Hits Radio Station
  • GHS Information Line
  • Ritchies Supervisor (to inform all drivers)

Parents and students are requested to please listen to the above radio stations or check the GHS information line (693 0017) at 7.00am.