School Uniform

Please make sure all your uniform items are named.  You are one of 550 students wearing uniform so if you mislay a garment you need to be able to identify it as yours.

If you need to wear a non regulation item of clothing e.g. your shoes have fallen apart and you cannot buy new ones until Saturday, you need to bring a note of explanation from home and the Dean on duty outside the staffroom before school will issue you with a uniform exemption.

Wearing your uniform:

  • Visible body piercings, except for one pair of plain studs in the ears, are not permitted, and covering your nose stud or other facial piercing with sticking plaster is not acceptable.

  • Visible tattoos are not permitted, and covering them with sticking plaster is not acceptable

  • Makeup and nail polish are not to be worn at school

  • No visible jewellery except a watch and a pair of stud earrings (no hoops, no dangling earrings, no brightly coloured “fun” earrings)

  • Thermals must match the colour of the shirt. Black thermals with a black shirt, and white thermals with a white shirt.

  • If you wish to wear a blessed taonga or birth bracelet you must notify the DP.

  • The school expectation is that students are to have natural coloured hair.
  • Males are to be clean shaven.


Summer uniform is worn in Terms 1 and 4 and winter in Terms 2 and 3.



  • Black regulation jersey and/or black regulation polar fleece jacket

  • Shoes are polishable black leather school shoes.  Black leather Roman sandals (without socks) may be worn with summer uniforms.  Girls may wear leather T-bar sandals, with or without white socks in summer, with black tights/knee high socks in winter.

  • Scarf – plain black, or red and black striped

  • Hats – Black, or red/black school beanie.  Black cap or bucket hat (no writing/prints)

  • Plain black waterproof/shower proof jacket – may be worn travelling to and from school, and in the grounds, but not in the classrooms.


  • Black polo shirts - short or long sleeves.  Plain black short or long sleeved polypro may be worn under polo shirt

  • Grey shorts or trousers


  • White regulation blouses – may be worn out or tucked in

  • Summer skirt – must be worn above the hip and within 5cm of the knee

  • Winter kilt – must be worn above the hip and at mid-calf length

  • Plain white ankle socks (not mid-calf or knee high) worn with summer skirt

  • Black tights or knee socks worn with winter kilt



YEAR 11, 12 & 13 - Blazers are compulsory, shirt and school tie.  School tie is compulsory for males but may be worn by females.


MALES: may wear:

  • White or black plain dress shirt (long or short sleeves) tucked in

  • Plain black “dress” pants (not jeans, cargo pants, track pants, pants made from sports fabrics or pants that gather at the ankles)

  • Plain black regulation shorts – may be ordered through Peter Young Apparel, Geraldine

  • Black or grey socks with long pants, GHS regulation socks with shorts

  • Black, polishable, leather shoes (no embellishments, no boots or high tops, no fabric/canvas shoes, no sports shoes) or Roman sandals in summer

  • GHS tie (must be worn with a dress shirt) – purchased from Peter Young Apparel

  • GHS crested jersey or polar fleece


UNIFORMS CANNOT BE “MIXED AND MATCHED” – eg black dress shirt cannot be worn with grey shorts or trousers

FEMALES may wear:

In summer:

  • Regulation white school shirt

  • Blue skirt – pleated style – ordered through The Pin Tin, Geraldine

  • Black, polishable leather lace-up shoes (no embellishments, no boots or high tops, no fabric/canvas shoes, no sports shoes), T-bar sandals or Roman sandals in the summer

  • GHS crested jersey or polar fleece

In winter:

  • Regulation white school shirt or white, long sleeved, collared shirt and optional school tie - purchased from Peter Young Apparel, Geraldine

  • GHS kilt

  • Shoes as for summer

  • Black knee-high socks or tights

OPTIONAL UNISEX ITEMS:  Plain black showerproof jacket, black or black/red scarf, plain black or black/red hat/beanie