The ESOL Programme at Geraldine High School aims to raise the language and literacy achievement of English language learners to enable them to access the curriculum content at age-appropriate levels. Students who may need English language support include:

  • ESOL -funded and ex-funded students from migrant and refugee backgrounds
  • International fee-paying students
  • Pasifika students
  • NZ born students from linguistically diverse backgrounds

English Learning Support

Our students receive tuition according to their needs. Most students receive four hours per week, but some receive extra support for their NCEA subjects.

English for Academic Purposes

The aim of this multi-level programme is to teach students the skills needed for success in future academic study. Target students are in years 11, 12 and 13 and have previous experience in learning English. Each student’s assessment plan will vary according to language proficiency and previous assessment opportunities. For some students this will be a two-year course. A range of NCEA credits in ESOL and English are offered in this course as well as preparation for IELTS (International English Language Testing System) examinations.

English for Communication

The aim of this course is to assist students in years 7-11 who need to improve their communication skills as well as their academic English language skills. Students are also supported in their learning of other subjects within the school.