Year 11 Primary Industry Academy

By Sarah Foley-Smith | Posted: Thursday August 27, 2015

Year 11 Primary Industry Academy has been busy during exam week developing a new garden and Rose pruning.

We had Richie from Richie's Garden Services give a Rose pruning demonstration. This was followed by students pruning several roses themselves which proved to be a lot harder than it looked. Our top students were Hamish Scannell, Josh Eason and Rhianna McKinlay.

The gardens have had a big clean up and we have developed a new garden surrounding the tunnel houses. The heat pad is full of seeds and we are busy propagating and we have just finished potting up the last of our cuttings that were taken during autumn. The class are about to start using their third tonne of potting mix for the year! Our Horticulture unit aims to replicate life in this area of Primary Industry as closely as possible in keeping with our AgExcel accreditation and the guarantee that students can confidently perform tasks to a high standard.