GHS's Student Centred Support Team

By Mr Jason Shaw, Academic Dean | Posted: Friday February 5, 2016

An integral part of your child's learning at GHS is closely monitored by the Student Centred Support Team.

The Student Centred Support Team consists of Ms Rebecca Thomson (Pastoral Dean), Mr Mark Romans (Careers Dean) and Mr Jason Shaw (Academic Dean). Together these three staff members monitor your academic progress and opportunities, your well-being and ‘survival’ during your school years, and your vocational opportunities and dreams so that you can aspire to be who you were made to be!

Throughout the year these three staff members will meet with groups of students (and their parents), or work one-on-one with students. Parents and students are very welcome to contact any of these three for assistance. Parents can either make contact through the school emails, or phone the school.

Contact details:

Ms Rebecca Thomson – [email protected]

Mr Mark Romans – [email protected]

Mr Jason Shaw – [email protected]

School Phone number:  693  0017