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By Ms Rebecca Thomson, HOD Art | Posted: Thursday June 23, 2016

Get thee to an Art Gallery these holidays.

Galleries are for the whole community, for everybody and free!

Year 7 - Year 13 all students (not just Art students) GO AND SEE SOME CONTEMPORARY ART IN THE HOLIDAYS.

"You can give students a high-quality reproduction of a painting but it's not the same," he says. "It’s the difference between watching a televangelist and going to church. It’s why museums and churches invest in architecture. The act of going gets people into a mindset to receive the experience." from the article: “Science says Art will make your kids better thinkers (and nicer people)” Ms Thomson agrees!

It doesn’t have to take long and will be a great friends or family experience, no pressure, just go in and look around and that’s it.

Some things you’ll think are rubbish, some you’ll love but more important than that, you’ve been gifted some visual stimulation by contemporary artists, an experience, out of the cold, for FREE.

(sometimes big galleries charge for part of the gallery but not often)

What to do there: Look at it all. Relax. You won’t have to talk about what you see if you don’t want to. Just look at it all and then leave. Simple!!

Hint for parents: Don’t put pressure on your kids by saying to them “What does this mean?” “Whats this about?” Just allow them to look at it all quietly and chat about the things that were memorable later. “What was your favourite thing you saw today?” Some galleries have apps/activities for the children but quietly looking at the work is just as good.

Recommended Art Galleries for you to visit:


And Susan Badcock Studio in same building.

Timaru: Aigantighe is Scottish Gaelic for 'at home' and is pronounced 'Egg-an-tie'.


The city’s have a huge range of places art work can be seen but the following are recommended because they are established institutions showcasing the best of NZ and International Contemporary Art.

Central Christchurch: and and

Dunedin: one in Queenston too.

Wellington: and

New Plymouth:

Auckland: plus heaps of small ones in the city.

Best of the small galleries:

Look forward to hearing what you have seen next term

Ms T.