Important reminder to all Parents /Caregivers/ Students

By Mrs Bronwyn Hawkins | Posted: Thursday September 8, 2016

We have a collective responsibility to be safe and to model safe behaviour around ours schools/community and on our roads daily.

Please take note of the following:

1. Please SLOW down to 20km/h when travelling past stationary school buses, especially outside schools & when bus flashing lights are on.

2. Please no not make U turns outside the schools.

3. Please don’t stop to drop children off or park to wait on yellow lines.

4. Please keep bus parks free between 8.15– 8.45a.m & 2.45– 3.15p.m

Teach your children to behave safely around school buses.

Look—Listen and look after each other.

Remind them that they MUST WEAR SEATBELTS if provided in the bus.

Encourage them to respect their driver, Bus monitors and their fellow students by following the Bus Code of Conduct at all times.

Thank your for your support.

“Safety First”

Geraldine Schools Transport Network