Evolocity 2016

By Mitchel Honeywill, Year 12 | Posted: Thursday July 7, 2016

Hello, I am Mitchel Honeywill, a Year 12 Physics student and this year I have been given the opportunity to lead the Geraldine High School Evolocity team. The challenge is to build a light, electric vehicle to race against other schools at the end of the year in the Canterbury Finals. This year we are making a motorcycle, a change from the 4 and 3 wheeled vehicles that we have made previous years. In the previous years we have placed, especially 2014 where the group of students that represented the school won the overall title and all the subcategories.

The purpose is for us to learn how to create a completely electric vehicle using state of the art 21st century technology. This includes developing our own devices to provide solutions, such as the voltage being streamed to a handheld device. This year we hope to follow in the footsteps of the 2014 team, taking out the title with our motorcycle and we are looking for people to sponsor or donate to us. If you would be interested in supporting our evolutional piece of technology, we would greatly appreciate it. You can contact us from the links below for more information.

[email protected] - My School Email

[email protected] - Teacher In Charge

https://evolocitygeraldinehs.blogspot.co.nz - Our Tech Blog

https://www.facebook.com/ghsevolocity16 - Our Facebook Page

Your support in our challenge to create the best vehicle, not just in the speed factor but in the looks would be greatly appreciated