Hello my name is Bernhard Voggenberger

By Bernhard Voggenberger | Posted: Thursday July 7, 2016

I am an international student from Austria. I left home in the coldest winter in February and arrived here into a hot summer. My favourite subject has been Outdoor Education. I wish we had it at home too. I also really enjoyed Physics and taking part in the schools Evolocity project. I did some programming for it and had fun.

I think many of you remember me as the man with a plaster full of signatures. At the end of my second month here I broke my wrist by falling of a horse. When I came to school the next days with a plaster, many people signed my cast. In the end I ended up with over 60 signatures. The plaster stopped me from doing Outdoor Ed. That was the time when I looked for new things to do. I joined Mainly Men and started doing stuff for the Evolocity project. When I got my plaster off I joined Outdoor Ed again.

Another thing you may remember about me is the gigantic octopus costume. My home-stay sister Greta built it with me for the Wearable Arts show. I had a great, awesome time here and I want to thank everyone who helped me!