By Ms Adele Quinn | Posted: Thursday July 7, 2016

Our Deputy Head Girl Annabel Mulligan is a joint winner for the Youth Community Spirit award

This is through Trust Power and is to acknowledge Year 13 students’ service to the school and community in the Timaru District.

Annabel has been a consistent and reliable member of our school community. Although she has a leadership title at school and does that extremely well, in addition she does a lot of other things quietly in the background for our school and local community. This is what is being acknowledged.

Annabel is always the first person to offer help to others even when she doesn’t actually have to. She is supportive and encouraging of others, is a great listener and respects other people's ideas and opinions.

In terms of supporting others, Annabel has been an integral member of our WeB (We Belong) - senior students supporting younger students at our school. She has also been heavily involved in the Community Committee, and our Student Council. She was the driver of our Pink Shirt day last year, taking the lead to put together an anti-bullying video. This year she has supported our Community Committee and shared her knowledge with them as the members of the group this year are new.

Outside of school Annabel has been a voluntary swimming instructor in Geraldine for Learn to Swim, and she was the leader for one of the Relay for Life groups this year.

Congratulations on this acknowledgement of your work Annabel! It is well earnt. You are leading by example. Thank you for all your contributions to our school and community.