Paper Town

By Phaedra Cunningham-Lucas, Year 7 | Posted: Thursday July 7, 2016

The following speech was read to introduce the Year 7's Paper Town project this week:

Hello and welcome to the grand opening of our class room project we have been designing, constructing and decorating paper town for 3 weeks but it's not as easy as it looks a lot of time and hard work has gone into this project.

So how did this all start?  Firstly we had to pass a test which included naming and identifying shapes and angles which we might use when planning our section of land,then we had discuss were our roads were going to met ,once we had all finished our designs we were allowed to construct our buildings out of paper, finally everyone stuck there sections of land onto a piece of plywood.

But today isn't just special because the grand opening of Papertown it is also a celebration for one of our class members who is leaving at the end of this term. Shan is hardworking and helpful we will all be very sad to see him go but hope he has a great time at his new school and we would like to gift him with this leaving card.

Our paper town is here so please give us a cheer.