Our students can do anything!!

By Mr Simon Coleman, Principal | Posted: Friday September 9, 2016

Tena Koutou Katoa,

Our students never stop impressing me with their amazing achievements. We have just had the South Canterbury Science Fair in Timaru with over 200 students involved and we gained a number of prizes from this. Results were:

Technology Section:

Quin Claridge (Year 8) - Bronze Award for his Water Wheel Project

Year 9/10 Team Section:

Anne Maree Bendsen and Sian Boase (Year 9) - Bronze Award for their project ‘Do pets really make their way to our hearts?'

Year 8 Team Section:

Emily Lake and Emma Rowley - Silver Award for their project ‘Is smiling contagious?’

Robert Furrer and Graeme Campbell - Bronze Award for their Bridge Designs.

Tournament Week

I was able to spend a day last week watching 2 of our school teams playing in the South Island Secondary Schools Tournament week. We had 5 teams involved in this with the Senior A netball team in Nelson.

I watched our 1st XI Soccer team play in Timaru and they played superb soccer against Garin College winning 4-1. They went on to finish 8th.

I travelled down to Oamaru after this game to see the South Canterbury Rural Girls' Hockey Team that is made up of Students from Geraldine High School as well as students from 1 student from Opihi and 2 students from Mackenzie College. They played a very skilful game against St Hilda’s to win 3-0.

I have received a number of emails this week to say that our teams were amazing to be away with and their competitiveness as well as sportsmanship was outstanding. A big thanks to all the staff and parents who gave up their time to ensure our sports teams get exposure to this level of competition.

Those staff and parents were:

Girls Hockey - Coach - Ms Bronwyn Clark, Assistant Coach - Mr Murray McFarlane, Manager - Mr Mike Plows and Assistant Manager - Ms Mags Gibson

Boys Hockey - Coach - Mr Simon Taylor (Teacher @ Mackenzie College) and Manager - Mrs Anna Guerin

Netball - Coach - Miss Kim Heron, Manager - Mrs Alison Patterson and Assistant Coach/Manager - Ms Genae Manson

Basketball - Coach - Mr Connor Snow and Manager - Miss Amy Ross

Football - Coach - Mr Mark Hayward.

BOT Candidates

We have had a wonderful Student Representative on the Board of Trustees this year in Year 13 student Levi Wilton and we are fortunate to have 5 students who have put their names forward for the next 1 year term. These students are:

Kirby Brown, Mark Cardeno, Logan Keggenhoff, Georgina Moginie and Jamie Roberts.

This is a fantastic opportunity for any student as you have the exposure to how a school [business] runs, the opportunity to work with people from a range of backgrounds and most importantly being the voice of the student body. As a Board we rely on feedback and the opinion of the Student Representative in looking at how we ensure the school is providing the best learning opportunities for all our students.

Work Day

We appreciate the funds that we receive from work day last Friday as it provides further funds to provide better facilities for our school. The other side of work day is that it also allows many of our students to provide some help to people in the community. To date we have received $5,432.30 towards the projects of:

  • Some new lighting for the Hall to help with school productions, Lip Sync, guest performers, School Ball and Socials.

  • Contribution to props for Drama and school productions.

  • Contribution to a climbing wall when the Gym has had renovated.

  • Looking into the possibility of a printing room for students to use.

Restorative Conversations

On Work Day, teachers and teacher aides had the day with facilitators Mr Rich Matla and Mr Greg Jensen on Restorative Practices that are part of our PB4L framework that already is well established in school. Restorative Practice is based on a relational approach, which recognises that human beings exist in a world of relationships and that a person's character is developed through their relationships with others.  The underlying principle of the relational approach is that all people are entitled to enjoy respect, care and dignity. This fits in very well with our school values Respect, Relationships, Responsibility and Achievement and will add to the current pastoral care and school environment that we have. The underlying philosophy is that engaging relationships will always bring positive outcomes which is one of the special characteristics of Geraldine High School.

Science Labs Upgrade

We are not far away from the start of the upgrade of our two science labs beside the staffroom in O Block. We have these plans in our main office to have a look over if you are interested and we are looking at getting these onto our new website also. These labs will meet Strategic Goal 1 and 5 in our Charter. It will create a modern learning environment and enable practices where we will have the ability to open the labs up as one teaching space, creating exciting opportunities in teaching and learning.

Year 8 students into Year 9

Recently we have sent a letter to all Year 8 parents regarding whether their son/daughter is continuing at Geraldine High School for Year 9. We are in a period of growth as we look to larger numbers coming into Year 7 next year and we need to get an informed picture of our student numbers so that the required staffing and classrooms are available for 2017. If you are thinking of changing schools, please let us know as this will inform our decisions in this area. Please email  [email protected] or phone us on 693 0017 and let us know if your son or daughter doesn’t plan on returning to Geraldine High School in 2017.

Nga mihi nui