Work Day 2016

By Ms Adele Quinn | Posted: Thursday September 22, 2016

A huge thank you to all those students who went out and found themselves some employment for Work Day. To date you have all raised $9,040.00. What an amazing effort! Some of this money has been spent already, on new lighting for the Hall for performances, socials, the ball etc. The fruits of your labour will be evident at the Lip Sync! Nice clean, clear and bright lighting. Another portion of the money is to be spent on props for the Drama department and these can be used in school productions. Some money will go towards the climbing wall in the Gym when the Gym gets done up. There is also discussion around a printer room for students, and the final part could go towards that.

We would like to acknowledge the following students for being the top earners of our Work Day. They have put in an amazing effort and we thank them for their contribution to our school.

Our top earner was Unya Squires (TKs) $150!!!

Henry King (TKs) $100

Flynn Sugrue (MRy) $100

Chloe Warner (AHs) $100

Ethan Horne (AHs) $100

We would also like to acknowledge the following two students who were not here for Work Day as they were on tournament but then used another day to earn some money! Thank you goes to:

Oliver McKeown

Caio Gomes