Sanford Science and Technology Fair 2016

By Ms Mel Pile | Posted: Thursday September 22, 2016

35 students from Year 7 - 9 were selected to represent the school at the Sanford Science and Technology Fair, held in Timaru on the 7th September.

Each individual or team was interviewed and prizes were awarded based on the originality of their ideas, their findings and the scientific way in which they carried out their investigation.

It was a successful day out with seven students gaining awards in various categories. Well done to everyone who took part as this takes a lot of extra work and preparedness to get ready for this event and a big congratulations goes to our prize winners:

- Quinn Claridge – Bronze Award – Open Technology – “Water Wheel”

- Anne Maree Bendsen and Sian Boase – Bronze Award – Year 9/10 Team “Do Pets Really Make Their Way to Our Hearts?”

- Graeme Campbell and Robert Furrer – Bronze Award – Year 8 Team – “Bridge Designs”

- Emily Lake and Emma Rowley – Silver Award – Year 8 Team – “Is Smiling Contagious?”