A collection of poems written by 7Cm

By Ms Michelle Cramond | Posted: Thursday October 13, 2016

Time flies - Free verse by Maia Mahuika

The time flies

In front of my eyes

Moments good, moments bad,

Moments anything but sad.

More like moments only glad

Memorable moments never forgotten.

Smiling, laughing

But the best thing about moments

The more time flies, the more moments

Will pass by.

The Beach - Quatrain by Ben O’Kane

The wave crash against the sand

I reach out to touch it with my hand

It rushes away from me

I gaze at it wishing I was free.

Spring - Free verse by Bella Keeley

As the blossom goes white

The sun pushes away the gloom

The daffodils start to bloom

The days become light.

Couplet - Gliding by Saskia Finlayson-Hood

Gliding across the water, sailing the seven seas

This is where my spirits soar, this is where I’m me.

Quatrain - Being young by Katie Moginie

Just thinking about who we used to be

When we were younger and free

We were never afraid to close our eyes

Now do you remember, now do you see?