Geraldine Argentina Exchange

By Mrs Kerri Doy & Miss Amelia Houston | Posted: Thursday October 27, 2016

Every year during the winter months 1-2 students from Las Victorias in Argentina come and visit Geraldine and attend Geraldine High School. In exchange 1-2 of our students return to Las Victorias to start a 5 week exchange with the students.

We have started the process for next year’s applications and all interested students should see Mrs Doy or Ms Knowles for the application form and more information. Going on an exchange is an excellent way to experience a different culture and language. Often students return from exchanges with a life long passion for their new adopted country. Through meeting new people, you can develop the personal skills needed to relate to people of all cultures and ages. Overcoming the difficulties of both a new culture and language gives you resilience and confidence, which you can carry into the future.

The following passage is from Amelia Houston who has just returned from her exchange to Las Victorias.

Hi, I'm Amelia Houston and I have recently returned from Argentina, after a 6 week exchange. It was incredible to be involved in another culture, in another country and in other people’s houses. I attended school in the town I was living in, Gualeguaychu. Colegio Las Victorias, my school, was the only bilingual school in Gualeguaychu. We attended school for 8 hours a day, from 8 am to 4:30 pm and we had English classes in the morning and Spanish classes in the afternoon. I also got the opportunity to go away on a school trip, called Cuyo. On the school trip I got to experience different things from the Andes Mountain Range in Medoza to the red sand-stone cliffs of Parque Nacional Talampaya. During the week of spring holidays, my host family took me on several day trips and an overnight trip to surrounding beaches, national parks, rivers and cities. I meet so many wonderful and friendly people and made so many friends. My host families were incredible and we still keep in touch. I had an amazing time and would highly recommended this exchange. I am so thankful for the school for giving me this opportunity, and everybody else that helped me get there, it was the experience of lifetime.