International Students' Visit to Kaikoura

By Mrs Penny Burrows | Posted: Thursday October 27, 2016

During week one of the school holidays, Gislinde Folkerts and Penny Burrows took five international students (Hirotaka, Lucy, Svena, Ui and Yuka) on a three day visit to Kaikoura. We stayed at North Ridge just south of Kaikoura.

On day one we travelled from Geraldine, did some shopping in the Kaikoura village and then returned to our accommodation. Day two we journeyed north to see baby seals swimming underneath a waterfall. Lots of photographs were taken. During the afternoon we travelled to South Bay for the dolphin encounter. The students dressed up in wet suits and flippers and carried their snorkels in preparation for swimming with the dolphins. The boat stopped twice to give the girls the opportunity to swim around the dophins. Unfortunately the sea was rather choppy and some of us got seasick and were unable to swim. On day three we travelled back to Christchurch, spent an hour at the Westfield Shopping Mall and then onto Geraldine.