A visit and gifts from McKenzie Healthcare

By Ms Adele Quinn | Posted: Thursday October 27, 2016

Connecting with our community

Last Thursday at Vertical Form Time, the Year 13's were treated to some surprise visitors from McKenzie HealthCare. A group of the residents arrived down at the school in the pouring rain to present some gifts they had handmade for ALL the Year 13 students. One of the residents spoke to the students about her life as a teenager, impressing upon them how lucky they are to be getting the education available to them, and to make the most of it and value it. She wished them all the very best for their futures, and then the group proceeded to hand out a “Happiness Bag” to each of the students.

A number of students were overwhelmed by this act of kindness, but the bags worked exactly like they should with all of the students leaving the room with smiles on their faces!

This unexpected visit was a result of contacts we have made with the community over the years, with an effort to make more contact this year. Our students had delivered Easter Baskets to the residents earlier in the year, then had invited them for a morning tea and a tour around the school mid-year.

So thank you McKenzie residents!! The students REALLY appreciated the kind thoughts and the effort you have gone to. I am sure these bags will be kept in a special place, ready to be pulled out if need be, when the students head off into the real world for their next adventure in 2017!