NCEA Excellence Endorsements - 2016

By Mr Jason Shaw, Academic Dean | Posted: Thursday October 27, 2016

While external exams are only weeks away, students are already excelling in NCEA this year. At last week’s assembly, we recognised the following students who had gained 50+ Excellence credits in their respective level of NCEA through internal assessments:

Level 1 NCEA Excellence Endorsement - Maisie Fisher, Monique Gilbert-Keen, Felix Finlayson-Hood, William Holland and Kirby Brown.

Level 2 NCEA Excellence Endorsement - Emma Horn, James Burnett, Daeniel Quiambao, Freya Bates and Matthew Hornsby.

Level 3 NCEA Excellence Endorsement - Olivia Hall

Since then, 6 other students have also gained Excellence endorsement over this week:

Level 1: Aria Cressy and Bridget Guerin

Level 2: Logan Keggenhoff, Annabel Smith and Jessica Stone

Level 3: William Johnstone

Congratulations to all these students. There are further students who are likely to gain Excellence endorsement over the next week and several others who will gain either Merit or Excellence endorsement through the external exams.

Not only are the external exams a final opportunity for students to gain their NCEA certificate, but these exams count for some course prerequisites as well as giving students the opportunity to gain a Merit or Excellence Course Endorsement (this is where the student gains 14+ credits at Excellence or Merit in a specific subject – at least 3 of those credits must be from external or internal assessments).

Please assist your son/daughter in preparation of these exams by making sure they know when they are and are managing their time to study and prepare for these.

Jason Shaw

Academic Dean