Primary Industry News

By Mrs Sarah Foley-Smith | Posted: Thursday November 10, 2016

We have had a whirlwind end to the year with the Year 11 class tailing at Evan and Claire Chapman's farm and also judging the Winchester Rural School Pet Day. Year 12 students have now completed their on farm placements and the write-ups that go with them, and both classes worked at the Winchester Rodeo.

I have visited all our wonderful farmers who have shared their valuable time, skills and expertise with our students over the year. All placements have been very positive. Thank you to Hamish Pearse, Roger Johnston, Steve & Nina Ireland, Hamish Neal, Kris Orange, Richard Grant, Alister & Lyn Holmes, Roger Horne, Tim and Peter Saywell, Tim Sowden, Bruce and Rosa Westgarth, Toby Lineman and Kakahu Angus.

Just a few of the fabulous farmer comments:

"Has natural ability and good stock sense, marvellous would like all staff to be like him."

"Happy to give everything a go, asks lots of questions and is patient."

"Very competent, has had a lot of paid work, if was older would hire immediately."

"Would love to have her another 6 months.  Asked heaps of questions and gave everything a go."

"Was keen to have a go at anything, nice and polite, seemed keen."

"Good stockman ship skills and very good at yard work."

"Excellent, fitted in well and nothing a problem”

We had 100 attend our end of year BBQ and Prize Giving to celebrate all of the amazing achievements.


First in Class Level 1 - Zettlin McAtamney-Rasch

First in Class Level 2 - Hamish Scannell

PGG Wrightson Practical Prize - Scott Moffitt

Best Attitude - Cameron Ward-Smith

Most Improved Level 1 - Emily Goodwin

Most Improved Level 2 - Anne Maree Reith

Most Valuable Class Member - Shiloh Mould

Agri Learn Trophy -  Hamish Scannell

Students said “We have had a great action packed year".

We, as a team, have learnt how Agriculture is not only farming but it is also Forestry and Horticulture which we have spent hours and hours and hours and hours listening to each other moan about whilst using up our 3 tonnes of potting mix, our 100 packets of seeds and re-potting our many, many, many cuttings. Our gardens show what great skills we have learnt.

We have learnt how to fence and up until Friday, we have used some 4 coils of wires and 1 packet of sticky plasters.

The students have clocked up an extra 192 hours outside of our school time and have been photographed more times than Hollywood's A Listers with some 7,407 action shots taken.

We have also consumed some 40 batches of Mrs Foley-Smith's fudge!

"Agri Learn has been a great experience for us all, learning to fence, active ride farm bikes and to fix leaking water troughs. Now as we start to apply for jobs out in the real world understand just how amazing this course has been and how much an advantage in the workplace we have been given.”

Thank you to all our parents, family and whanau who have supported us throughout the year.