GHS students are Fair Go Ad Award Finalists!

By Eilish, Hamish, Koan, Gabriella, Ethan, Jake and Jacob | Posted: Thursday November 10, 2016

A crack team of Year Ten's have recently been placed in the top ten for the Fair Go Ad Awards 2016. The team constructed and filmed the ad all in their own time, with all of their own resources. The team learned from the mistakes of last year's attempt at making an ad and have incorporated this knowledge into this year's. It was a challenge to design and make an original product then display it in an ad. 

The finals are on the Fair Go TV program on the 28th of November, so remember to watch it to see where they placed! 

"We were so proud to find that we placed in the top ten, thanks to all the great teamwork and help from a great teacher (Ms H)". If you wish to see this ad for yourself, click here.