Academic News

By Billy Cosgriff, Academic Dean | Posted: Thursday August 13, 2015

Assessment Week has just started and will run through to next Wednesday 19th August.

Students have been informed of what is expected of them during Assessment Week so it is important they pay careful attention to their schedule. While there are the traditional exams being held in the Hall, some students are also doing internal assessments, practical work and attending off-site events.

Students need to double check what equipment they need to bring to exams so they are fully prepared.

Below is a brief summary of what is expected of students during Assessment Week.

Examination Rules and Procedures

All Year 11-13 students are on study leave during this time. It is the expectation that students are either at school sitting an exam, or at home studying.

· Students may only use the Library for study at school unless receiving tuition from a teacher.

· Students are not expected to be playing on the fields as Year 7-10 classes are running as normal.

· The Common Room is not for study.

· All Year 11-13 students at school for study must sign in/out at the Main Office. You do not need to sign in for an exam.

· To travel on the school buses students must be in school uniform or have signed permission from a teacher.

· Students must make prior arrangements if they wish to see a teacher for study/tutorials as teachers need to know students are coming.

· Where an exam/practical or reassessment has been listed, it is compulsory for students to attend.