Year 10 Challenge Service Day

By Mrs Shirley Lindroos | Posted: Thursday November 24, 2016

The following are some of the comments made by members of our community who had our Year 10 students work for them for the day:

"Great effort. The two boys did an awesome job of clearing the creek, awfully messy but they got stuck in without complaining (at least not to me!). Many thanks. They were fantastic."

"What a great team. They stacked three cord of firewood in no time. One boy then mowed the lawn, whilst the other washed my car. A great pair of young men, work done willingly and with a smile. A credit to their parents and the school. Thank you so much."

"Excellent workers, pleasant and smiling. A real credit to the school. Thank you."

"What a credit to Geraldine High School. Lovely manners. Thank you so much for helping us Geraldine High School."

"Although this was a job for boys, the girls worked well. They just got stuck in. I was impressed and it was a pleasure having them."

"We really appreciated the girls willingness to help out in the library and around the grounds. Many staff commented on how lovely and friendly they were. Thank you girls!"

"Very willing workers. They completed many tasks for us today with a smile on their faces. Many thanks."

Congratulations to all our Year 10 students.