Blazer Update for Senior Students

By Ms Adele Quinn | Posted: Thursday November 24, 2016

Year 13 specifically

It was originally intended that Year 13's would have something different on their Blazers to distinguish them from the Year 12 and 11 students. In the information that went out originally, the Blazers were to have a black band attached near the bottom of each sleeve to identify them as our Year 13 students.

However, the Year 12 students from this year have been discussing other options with us and at this point in time we have decided we will put this identification on hold as we investigate this further.

So, when Year 13's come back to school at the start of 2017 they do not have to have had anything done about identifying themselves. We will use the start of next year to make a final decision about what this will look like on the blazers and then let you know how this will all work.