Lincoln University Demonstration Farm Open Day

By Julia Burnett and TJ Lensley | Posted: Thursday November 24, 2016

By Julia Burnett and TJ Lensley

On Friday 18th November, Year 10 Agriculture went to the Lincoln University Demonstration Farm Open Day. This day was for Year 9 and 10 students. This day was run by students from Lincoln University and many businesses that are involved in the Agriculture and Dairy industry. We were lead around by a student from Lincoln, to each of the stations that were on show for us. There were different stations for different jobs that are involved on a dairy farm. For example Rabobank and Ravensdown had their demonstrations which we learnt many things from, like the different fertilisers that you can put on your soil and what you can use to do that, as well as the Banking and Loaning side of the industry.

We learnt a wide variety of skills and information about the new technology that has been introduced within the last 20 or so years as well as the soil types and new ways to water your fields or crops more efficient. These were just a few things we learnt about during this day that opened our minds about the different things that are involved in the Agriculture and Dairy industry.

We would like to thank Lincoln University for holding this day as it was great for widening our knowledge of the Agriculture industry. Also the demonstration companies that were involved, it was great to hear more information on what is involved to start up a business or farm and how to go about it.

Also a huge thank you to Mrs Foley-Smith and Ms Pile for organising this day, making it enjoyable and for letting us have this opportunity to broaden our knowledge. Thanks also to Mr Tim Sowden who came along as a parent helper and drove the mini bus. We think he enjoyed his day as much as we did.

We thoroughly enjoyed our day and think we would all love to have another one like it.