Students perform "Our Christmas Story"

By Ms Jill Roberts | Posted: Thursday November 24, 2016

Rory Abraham, Kayla Kruishoop, Henry King and Nicole Taroy did an excellent job performing at the Academy this week.

The students have been coming to the Academy's 'Finding Our Voices', a drama programme for teens and adults with special needs I lead, since the start of the year.

Our Christmas Story was a fairytale created from scratch, in collaboration with the students and was a huge challenge for all involved. 

Rory was fantastic in the lead role as Tobi, Kayla played the Fairy, Henry the Mighty Tiger and Nicole played the Girl and the Mouse. I am immensely proud of their achievement, their confidence, their focus in remembering all their lines and the lovely way they all interact and support each other at Finding Our Voices.

Well done everyone.​