10G and the Geraldine Primary School Extension Group Students meet up and do some Science together - ako!

By Ms Adele Quinn | Posted: Thursday December 8, 2016

On Friday 25th November, 14 Geraldine Primary School students who belong to the Extension Group visited one of our Labs and our 10G students. The students were really keen to do some Science. Our Year 10 students had prepared, in small groups, an interesting array of scientific activities for the Primary School students to do. Each group had a practical arranged and had made a worksheet that the students could fill in and take back to school and finish off.

This was an awesome learning opportunity not only for the Primary School students, but the High School students too. Each learnt different things off the other in the true spirit of ako. The older students had to think carefully about how they were going to communicate their activity and were totally responsible for what they were doing.

The activities ranged from looking at bugs under binocular microscopes, to single celled paramecium under monocular microscopes, to how metals react in acids and water, to impressive chemical reactions (elephant toothpaste!) made with almost all everyday chemicals. There was also testing for gases, density of liquids, and how you can change air pressure to get a boiled egg into a thin necked bottle (sometimes in one piece!), along with some conduction and insulation testing.

A great morning had by all! Thank you for visiting us Geraldine Primary.