From the Public Health Nurse

By Mrs Claire Neilson, Public Health Nurse | Posted: Thursday February 9, 2017

Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Immunisation in Schools 2017

Both boys and girls in Year 8 are the focus for the school based HPV Immunisation Programme. The vaccine for the school programme is HPV9 (Gardasil 9) which protects against nine types of HPV, compared with the previous vaccine which protects against four types of HPV. The five additional types included in the vaccine means that HPV Immunisation offers protection against a greater proportion of HPV related cancers. Protecting young people before they have been exposed to HPV will better protect their health over the long term. The medicine data sheet for the HPV9 vaccine can be found at

From a practical point of view, for the students and their families, it is great that the change in vaccine means that now just two doses of HPV vaccine are required to fully protect young people aged 14 and under, rather than the previous three doses. The doses should be given about six months apart, and the proposed vaccination timetable for South Canterbury is: Dose one 20th March – 31st March 2017 and Dose two 18th – 29th September 2017

The most up to date information about the HPV Immunisation Programme can be found on the website

The vaccine Is SAFE, EFFECTIVE, FUNDED FOR BOTH BOYS ANF GIRLS and AVAILABLE AT SCHOOL FOR YEAR 8 students. The doctor will provide immunisation for older students (both boys and girls) and it is free up to age 26 years. Please contact your doctor.

Claire Neilson our School Nurse will see each Year 8 class for about 20 minutes and show a short DVD presentation re HPV Immunisation on Tuesday 7th March.

Parents can view this DVD on

CONSENT FORMS will be given to each student to take home on this day. We ask for the forms be filled out, signed and dated by the parent/legal caregiver and be returned to the school within one week of receiving them. A follow up phone call to parent/caregiver will be made if the form is not returned.

The date for immunisation at GHS for consenting students will be advised closer to the time.