The Student Body Executive, Deputy House Leader, Executive Committees, and Student Council 2017 

By Ms Adele Quinn | Posted: Thursday February 23, 2017

Congratulations to all the following students who have applied for and gained positions on the various groups that represent our student body. I would like to acknowledge the number of students who have put their names forward for the various roles. It is a big thing to do this, and some may not have gained positions this year, but will have opportunities in the future. There are still more opportunities coming up (see below), plus there are other things happening around the school, or being organised to happen, that students can get themselves involved in when it occurs. Leadership is not about a title but just being there to help out and get involved. So students keep your eyes and ears on the notices for further opportunities.

Student Council update – revamp and rebranding

As a result of student voice in 2016, the Student Council of 2016, together with the Head Students of 2016 and 2017, have worked hard to revamp and rebrand our Student Council. This has resulted in a group of 17 (not 28) students, of varying age groups, who will work hard to represent the students of our school and ensure their voice is heard. Congratulations to these students. We are currently in the process of identifying who on Council will run the portfolios we have – the portfolios being: Community, Social, Student Welfare, Finance, and PTA.

More leadership opportunities for all ages

Once this has been established we will then be calling for students outside of Council to apply to be on the committees – we need 2 students for each committee.

Student Executive, Deputies and Committees for 2017

Head Boy - Hayden Nelson

Head Girl - Pema Gyeltshen

Deputy Head Boy - Callum Patrick

Deputy Head Girl - Emma Horn

Cultural Leader - Logan Keggenhoff

Committee - Kirby Brown, Jessica Stone and Felix Finlayson-Hood

Rangitahi Leaders - Caitlyn Good and Isayah Snow

Committee - Amanda Sherriff, Amelia Woodley and Maddi Hillegers

Sport Leaders - Stephen Harding and Tianna Curtis

Committee - Lani Curtis, Oliver McKeown, Jack Johnstone and Claudia Bolt


Acland: Magenta Cunningham Lucas, Deputy: George Gallichan

Committee: Amanda Sherriff, Nerissa Murphy, Paige Bradley-Doig and Louisa Prattley

Cox: Annabel Smith Deputy: Monique Gilbert-Keen

Committee: Grace Reith, Hamish Prattley, Bridget Guerin and Nina Cosgriff

MacDonald: Nic Houston Deputy: Nevarna Rodger

Committee: Ella Jack, Quinn O’Halloran and Mitchel Honeywill

Tripp: Annie Robertson Deputy: Kasie Jopp

Committee: Olivia MacDonald, Maddi Hillegers, Sarah Taylor and Claudia Bolt

Student Council Representatives 2017

Acland House

Jasmine Wells Year 12, Apm

Phaedra Cunningham-Lucas Year 8, ARj

Brooke Dwyer Year 10, ARj

Maisie Fisher Year 12, AMn

Cox House

Maddy Smith Year 10, CWa

Taylor Gallagher Year 11, CCW

Amelia Houston Year 11, CHt

Cameron Anderson Year 7, CCh

Jesse Johnson-Pinn Year 13, CWa

MacDonald House

Josh Keen Year 12, MWi

Dakota McMahon Year 11, MRo

Marcus Furrer Year 9, MMc

Connie McFarlane Year 11, MRy

Tripp House

Daeniel Quiambao Year 13, TPl

Maggie Bendsen Year 10, TPr

Matthew Hornsby Year 13, TPr

Greta Calvert Year 10, TLd