Reflective Bag Covers

By Mrs Bronwyn Hawkins, Transport Coordinator | Posted: Wednesday March 8, 2017

Orders taken

"Safety First"

The Geraldine Schools' Transport Network have available "Reflective Bag Covers".  Be safe, be seen.  A waterproof reflective bag cover is an excellent way to keep your kids safe and seen on their way to and from school.  These can also be used by cyclists and runners who take bags to school, uni or work.  

These are made from waterproof material, the cover is one size fits all and can be secured over the bag with elastic cords and metal click buttons.

These are available through the school for $5 (the cost has been subsidised by the Geraldine Schools' Transport Network).

Orders need to be into the Transport Office by 18th March 2017.  Payment with orders please. Fill in the attached order form or put your name and quantity required on an envelope and take to the Transport Office with money.