Year 9 Camp

By Kyle Hansen and Libby Patrick | Posted: Thursday April 6, 2017

Speeches from assembly

Kyle Hansen

Hi my name is Kyle Hansen and I took part in this year’s Year 9 camp. On the first day we were on the ropes course but before we started doing the ropes we did some team building exercises and a few games on the field. After the instructors gave us a demonstration on how to use the pulley system, we were into it, climbing to our heart's content. I really enjoyed the ropes course because it challenged all of us and we all had a laugh. After the ropes course we went and got our packs and headed to the bus and traveled out to Peel Forest Eco Lodge. After we arrived we set up our tents while the teachers fired up the pizza oven. Yip, it was pizza for tea. They weren't the best pizzas but they filled us up ready for the next day. The following day we got up at 7:30am and went inside for breakfast. Soon after we had our day packs ready and we were all rearing to go off to the outdoor centre to get kitted out with wet suits & rafting gear. Down we went to the river and unloaded the rafts and got into groups. We rafted across the river to get to jump rock where we had an awesome time jumping off massive rocks and cheering on our mates and pushing our limits and having lots of fun.

With adrenalin pumping, we headed off down the Rangitata river in our rafts. We went through a few rapids but the river was pretty low but that was alright. About halfway down the river we saw a pig running down the side of the river. He wasn't too keen on the bright red rafts! When we had finished rafting we dropped off our gear at the outdoor centre and headed back to the Eco Lodge but half way there the old bus broke down so we had to walk back to the Lodge. When we got back we helped cook tea and after, played a few games.The next morning we got up a bit later and had breakfast. It was the last day and we did some walks and a little bit of orienteering. I enjoyed the orienteering and the walking. We went back to the Eco Lodge and played a couple of games then packed up our tents and headed home.

My favourite part of camp was the ropes course and the rafting because it made us all push a few limits and have a lot of fun.

Libby Patrick

Hi I'm Libby and I'm here to talk about to Year 9 camp and our experiences. Let's start off on the first day, ropes course. It was a fun time and if we only went to the top of the ladder or we did the chicken wire and everything in between we enjoyed the day a ton. Ropes course for me was a comfort zone pusher. My favourite rope to do was the cargo net.  It was a challenge and a lot of fun. Then we made our way to the bus so we could go out to camp. We stayed at the Eco Lodge and we had to stay in tents. We had to try to save power and none of us were allowed showers unless we wanted a cold one and on the day we wanted a shower it was raining so that didn't help.

On to the second day, it was wet and yucky. But it didn't really matter because we were going to be in water anyway. We had to get down to the Rangitata Rafts by 8:45 in the morning and we got all geared up with thermals, polar fleeces, wet suits, splash jackets and helmets. Then we headed down to the river and we had to just raft across the river. After that we had to walk up this massive hill and down this track that took ages, all the way to Jump Rock.

We all had to jump off the 3 metre rock, the 7 metre was optional and so was the 10 metre. The 10 metre was really high and it felt like you were falling for ever, it was crazy!

Then we were all wet and cold and we had to walk all the way back down the hill to have lunch and then we went rafting.

Rafting was fun and there were heaps of rapids. In the rafts we got to do challenges and it was definitely a challenge.

After we had finished rafting, we went back to the Rangitata Rafts place and took off all of our gear.

We got back to camp and it was still raining so we all just stayed in the Lodge most of the afternoon, playing cards and looking at magazines. That night some Year 13’s came out and played games with us for a few hours, that was really fun. That night we were so tired but we still stayed up till 12:00am eating lollies and chatting.

On the last day we ate leftover baking, packed up our gear, put down the tents and did back flips.

Just before we left we had about 30 minutes to spare so Nic and Mr Waldie took us down to the river to make rock castles, we were meant to knock each other's over but we didn't have enough time so we had to run back to the bus. We all piled onto the bus and we were back on our way to Geraldine. I'm sure we can all say camp is an amazing time.

One more thing, on behalf of 9G I would like to say a huge thank you to all the guides we had from OPC, Ms Pile and Mr Waldie, Maddie, Nic and Caitlyn and all the Year 13's that came and helped with games. We had a great time and we all came back with so many memories.