Year 12 Outdoor Education

By Mr Hayden Titchener | Posted: Thursday June 1, 2017

Hurunui trip

The 2017 Year 12 Hurunui trip was fantastic . The drive North saw up loaded with tramping gear and kayaks as we made our way up to the Hurunui Valley in North Canterbury. The trip had been postponed in the first term due to the river flooding. The weather was interesting with rain, sun, frosts and snow on the hills surrounding us. 

The Kayakers paddled various sections of the Hurunui catching eddies and surfing little waves. The rescue sessions involved boat based rescues, swimming, throw bagging and wet exits. It was great to observe the skills and the confidence as the days progressed.

The trampers also had to deal with their share of wind and rain as they made their way around Lake Sumner. There were lots of yarns around the fire and some good learning about what food to eat. As the students came back together and we packed up, the stories of their adventures emerged.

It was fantastic for the parents/caregivers to see the excitement and smiling faces as they loaded smelly gear into the cars! Thanks to the Peel Forest staff Jules, Sam and Reefton. All and all - a great trip.