Spirit Week

By Caitlyn Good, Year 13 | Posted: Thursday June 1, 2017

During last week many of you would have noticed your children talking about something called Spirit Week. Spirit Week is an annual event where we celebrate our four Houses (Tripp, Cox, Acland and MacDonald) with a range of activities to boost up our house spirit and competition. This year we ran an inter-house tug-of-war, a music month quiz, a fun-filled assembly, a free house coloured mufti day, an auction, the school social and national Pink Shirt day.

Students from every age group were getting out there and getting involved in these activities, with smiles the size of Africa.

On Monday the Exec members came to school early to decorate our grounds with balloons, posters, information sheets, streamers and house banners the colours of our houses. Music was also played at the beginning and end of each day. For us, it made us insanely happy to see the students react to this and to see how everyone was so pumped for the week just as we were.

On Thursday we held our main event, The Auction. This was where students could buy a Student Leader and get them to perform a ‘punishment’ task. Tasks included mixing together ingredients of your choice to drink, cracking an egg over an Exec member's head, waxing, tanning, and doing make-up to one of our male members, spraying someone with water before throwing flour bombs at them, and a cream pie to the face. So many members of our school came out to bid in the action with their Spirit Vouchers. These are special vouchers given out specially for Spirit Week if a student shows one of our school values - responsibility, respect, relationships and achievement. To our surprise, some students had even managed to earn over 100! As a whole, the happiness shown on our students faces and felt in the positive vibe held all week makes the punishment worth it. It’s amazing to see the way that so many students confidently got involved.

We found that not only was house spirit shown hugely, but school spirit was flowing through our veins as we tugged, quizzed, dressed up and danced our way through this much anticipated week.