GHS Music Quiz 2017

By Mrs Shirley Lindroos | Posted: Thursday June 1, 2017


1. What year did NZ MUSIC MONTH start as a national celebration and what was the colour used for the bullseye poster that year?

2. He wrote and produced Titanium’s “Come on Home” in 2012, came 3rd in the 2005 Australian X factor and played Simba in the Lion King. Who is he?

3. An important organisation for NZ (and Australian) musicians is APRA. What do the letters stand for?

4. What musical event did all the following artists: Bic Runga, Evermore, King Kapisi,

Nesian Mystik, Kimbra and Brooke Fraser all participate in when they were at school ?

5. Finish these famous NZ song titles:

“Six months in a ----- ----“

“Don’t dream it’s ----“

“Something in the -----“

6. Which government organisation organizes New Zealand Music month?

7. Which song by Dave Dobbyn was named “1986 Song of the Year”, and given the status as “the unofficial national anthem of New Zealand”

8. When was the first Māori translation of “God Defend New Zealand” made?

1876,   1877,   1878,   1879

9. In which year was Split Enz Founded?

1972,   1973,   1974,   1975

10. How many members make up the Flight of the Conchords?

11. How many albums has Gin Wigmore released?

12. What is the better-known stage name of Robyn Fenty?

13. In which year was Lorde’s debut album Pure Heroine released?

2011,   2012,   2013,   2014


  1. Red; 2001
  2. Vince Harder
  3. Australasian Performing Right(s) Association (“performance” accepted)
  4. Rockquest or Smokefree Rockquest
  5. leaky boat; over; water
  6. (The) New Zealand Music Commission
  7. “Slice of Heaven”
  8. 1879
  9. 1972
  10. 2
  11. 3
  12. Rihanna
  13. 2013