Success at Salon Culinaire Hospitality Competition

By Ms Judy Anderson | Posted: Thursday June 1, 2017

While the Salon Culinaire competition is mainly for trainee chefs and others in the hospitality industry, a small number of events are open to school students.

Julia Burnett, Grace Williams, Neha Singh and Georgina Sullivan all chose to enter the Decorated Fruit Flan section, for which the students needed to become competent in all elements of flan making – sweet pastry, crème patissière, fruit decoration and glaze, and as it was a static event, they had to prepare their entry the night before and have it ready for display and judging at the Ara Campus in Timaru by 8am last Saturday.

A team of three judges judged all entries, and all competitors start with a set of 100 marks. During the judging process marks are then deducted for anything about the product that doesn’t meet the criteria. In some events no medals were awarded as no one reached the number of points required. However, all four GHS students gained a medal – Neha, Julia and Georgina all gained a Silver medal (scoring between 80 – 89 marks) and Grace gained a Bronze medal (scoring between 70 – 79 marks). This was a wonderful result, and just reward for the effort the girls made to reach this standard. They are all keen to enter more competitions, as are other Food Technology students.

Olivia Rose, a former student, assisted the girls during practises at school, which was very helpful. She completed a patissèrie course at the Auckland University of Technology last year and has just returned to Auckland to manage the dessert and patissèrie section of a new restaurant.