GHS students support and recognise those that help them

By Ms Adele Quinn | Posted: Thursday June 29, 2017

Attached are two photos of our Head Students handing over cheques on behalf of the students at our school. These cheques were made out to YMCA ($1,000); and Geraldine Road Crash Rescue ($500).

The students held a Mufti Day (raising $1,100) and managed to collect another $150 in 10 and 20 cent coins. Student council also voted to add a bit more to the total to bring it up to the $1,500 mark. 

YMCA does a lot at our school - educating on cybersafety, healthy relationships and training our peer support students. Geraldine Road Crash Rescue does a lot for our community as volunteers and are heading over to Romania to compete in the world championships. Our students wanted to support both causes, and with good financial management by Matthew Hornsby and Taylor Gallagher, our Student Council Finance leaders, we were able to donate to both causes. Well done Geraldine High School!