Tutorial website for NCEA students

By Mr Grant Rogers | Posted: Wednesday June 28, 2017



This is a website that has video tutorials and downloadable resources on the following:

Level 1

English (SA writing)

Math (Algebra, Geometric Reasoning, Graphing, Chance and Data)

Science (Mechanics, Acids and Bases, Genetic Variation)

Level 2

Biology (Genetic Variation, Genes, Cells)

Chemistry (Organics, Reactivity, Structures and Bonding)

Math (Calculus, Algebra, Probability)

Physics (Electricity, Mechanics, Waves)

Level 3

Calculus (Differentiation)

Physics (Electricity, Mechanics, Waves) 

Biology (Animals and Plants, Speciation, Human Evolution)

Chemistry (Thermochemistry, Organics, Equilibrium Principles)