Year 9 students design & construct miniature town

By Michaela and Mackenzie, Year 9 | Posted: Wednesday June 28, 2017

Kia ora,

We are Michaela and Mackenzie, Year 9 students in Mrs Morrison's Maths Class, founders of Tatahi which is our town that we constructed and designed.

We have been studying perimeter and area in Term 2. Mrs Morrison set all the students the task of making a town from scratch.

Michaela and myself worked as a pair on this task.

We needed to come up with the demographics of the town and the ‘needs’ and ‘wants’ of our town Tatahi. For example we had to have a supermarket and school, etc.  We also got to design tourist attractions to attract people to come to our town. We needed to take all the Maths skills we had learnt to construct this town.

We started by planning out our town and making sure everything was to scale, for example the power lines were bigger than the house and the houses were smaller than the supermarket. We decided to make our town in 3D wooden form. To do that we had to work outside of school in our own time. We got together after school hours and in the weekend we had to give up our commitments to do so.

We decided to give our town to the kindy to give back something to them in appreciation, as we had attended the kindy when we were 4 years old.

Friday the 23rd of June was the big day. At 11:05am Brent Patterson came with the trailer to pick us and the town up. We arrived with kids yelling “The massive town is here” as well as “Come and have a look”. Some of the children came and gathered around the town. While we were talking they were asking a lot of imaginative questions, like “Is that where Easter Bunny lives?”

We enjoyed creating and designing our very own town. It was exciting to give the kindy something the children will be able to play with.

Whakawhetai koutou mo te pānui (Thank you for reading )