Merit Awards

By Mrs Kate Eddy | Posted: Thursday August 10, 2017

These students have recently been awarded the following Merit Awards and Senior Values Vouchers:

5 Merit Awards

Grady Hopkirk, Faith Manzanillo, Serenity Pullman-Stewart, Charlotte Rowley, Natalia Stevenson, Elle Fraser, Emily Johnston, Brooke Keen, Samantha Johnston, Libby Smith, Rebekah Skinner, Elsie Talbot, Kate Ireland and Daniel Marshall

10 Merit Awards

Caleb Harris, Logan Sowden, Angus Grant, Chiaynne Busewell, Kade Farnell, Connor Allen, Cody Wooding, Abbie Collins, Carl Sullivan, Ben Wyborn, Isabel Goad and Sam Morrison

20 Merit Awards

Olivia Chapman, Ruby Lake and Indie Sutherland

30 Merit Awards

Rachel Harford

Senior Values Vouchers

Vinnie Parekh for Achievement

Well done to all of these students.