Aoraki Mathematics Competition

By Mr Richard Ramsay | Posted: Thursday August 10, 2017

On Tuesday and Wednesday evening of the second week of August, the Annual Aoraki Maths Competition was held. This event was run by the Aoraki Math Teachers Association and catered for over 500 students from Years 7 to 10 from most schools in the area from Ashburton to Oamaru. The event is run in year groups where teams of 4 attempt to answer as many of the 21 questions available in the quickest time. Teams must use good teamwork, have a great level of mathematical understanding and use tactics to compete successfully.

This year Geraldine High had two teams in each year level, which is the maximum allowed.

Year 10 students (pictured above) Ben Williams(B), Cameron Smith, Yuane Haasbrook, Jessica Stephens, Lydia Burnett(B), Matilda Aguayo-Vargas(B), Sam Guerin(B) and Jamie Roberts competed for the last time.


While no Geraldine team won an event, they again competed with distinction showing Maths learning is alive and kicking at the school. The Year 8 and Year 10 teams were the standouts.

Year 7: 34 teams competed and our two teams placed 10th and 11th.

Year 8: 35 teams competed and our teams placed 2nd equal (unfortunately lost in the tie break) and 8th.

Year 9: 24 teams competed and our teams placed 7th and 16th.

Year 10: 25 teams competed and our teams placed 4th (team B) and 15th.

I would like to thank all the students who took part and represented the school with pride and all the parents who provided transport and support on the night.

Year 9 team members: Marcus Furrer, Robert Furrer, Geordie McCully, Jack Barrie, Harlan Rae, Jacob Spijkerbosch, Sam Danford and George Holland.

Year 8 Team members: Arthur Hayhoe, Brodie England, Flynn Sugrue, Lloyd Herbert (all members of the second placed team), George Holland, Saskia Finlayson-Hood, Lia Roberts and Katie Moginie (the last three in the photo below).

Year 7 Team members: Uziah Horne, Ellie Fraser, Rebekah Skinner, Nicholas McDowell, Elsie Talbot, Ryan Chambers, Quinn Foley-Smith and Scott Robertson.

The photos below show a Year 9 team of boys and a very enthusiastic team of girls from Year 8.