Year 13 Geography Trip to Queenstown

By Ms Sarah Prescott | Posted: Thursday August 24, 2017

The Year 13 Geography class recently went on a field trip to Queenstown to study the development of tourism in New Zealand’s adventure tourism capital.

They drove down on Monday, just arriving in time to experience the rush hour traffic. After Google Maps took them on a circuitous route to their accommodation, they all headed in to town to sample some of the many restaurants and fast food outlets that the town has to offer.

On Tuesday, the class woke up to a grey day. After breakfast they headed down to the wharf to go on the jet boat, with the company (Thunderjet) generously upgrading their half hour trip to a full hour ride up the Kawarau River. Long rain jackets were provided, which were gratefully embraced once the students realised how wet they could get. After an hour of 360 degree turns and hard banking, the students set off to conduct surveys of tourists in Queenstown to find out what attractions and accommodations visitors frequent. While sometimes disheartening, the students all managed to find enough information to inform their internal assessment. 

In the afternoon, the students rode up the gondola. Some chose to enjoy the café in the complex on the hill, others raced around the luge track. One student walked up the hill and back down.

Wednesday consisted of a presentation from the Queenstown Resort College about the amazing opportunities available to students studying there, and a presentation from Destination Queenstown about the role they play in the development of tourism in the region.
After a final wander around central Queenstown, the students travelled back to Geraldine with the noise level in the mini buses much lower than Monday.

The students are now using the information they collected to write up a research project, drawing conclusions about the countries the tourists came from, their age, and which accommodation they used, or attractions they visited. The information they gathered will also help with their exam at the end of the year on tourism development in Queenstown.