Visiting Japanese students say 'thank you'

By Visiting Japanese students | Posted: Thursday August 24, 2017

Students' message

When we first arrived in New Zealand, we were very nervous, as it was our first time ever to go overseas.

We were very surprised by the differences of culture between Japan and New Zealand. For example, in Japan we must take off our shoes before entering school, and wear special slippers inside. But in New Zealand schools we can wear shoes anywhere.

At first, we were worried whether we could live like kiwi people, but after we met with the students at GHS, we felt very welcomed and felt at ease.

During class the teachers and students were very kind and helpful, and helped us understand the contents of each lesson, so we were able to practice our english and become more confident when speaking english.

Sometimes we think may have been a little bit of a nuisance towards our buddies and teachers, but thanks to them we were able to experience something great that we could never experience in Japan, and for that we would all like to express our gratitude and thank everyone who helped us during this time. Thank you very much!

Takeshi Azuma (Leader)

Hinako Ishii

Yuto Iwashima

Yuki Oda

Minori Kato

Haruto Kurosu

Shotaro Komuro

Kanato Chatani

Yuma Yoshimori