Primary Industry News

By Mrs Sarah Foley-Smith | Posted: Thursday August 24, 2017

Level 1 PIA visited the Temuka Sale Yards recently courtesy of Stuart Blake from Peter Walsh Associates. We were able to tour the yards and learn about the classes of cattle and regulations. This was followed by observing the sale and completing the sale catalogue. The class was split between overcoming the urge to purchase a class mascot and being too frightened to move in case stock were purchased by mistake!

The Geraldine Forest has also been visited. Port Blakely and Cable Logging showed the class around the silviculture and harvesting operations. Students were able to plant trees which were then judged by our industry experts. A bit more practice will be needed before we will be head hunted though. Our hourly rate worked out to be $2.80 so clearly room for improvement! A massive thank you to Nick Henderson and Ash Buchanan for taking time out from their busy day for us. There are huge career opportunities within the forestry sector and there really is something for everyone ranging from operating million-dollar machinery to the lab. In Year 12, students who are interested are able to do a placement one day per week in the forest.

Students also have completed their final water supply day at AgriLearn with the Top Student being Olly Dowding. Students had to build, connect and dismantle their trough and pipe assembly in under 40 minutes. Practice at school has obviously paid off with everyone easily completing the task within the time limit.

Level 2/3

Leanne Mulligan and Toni Cotton from BNZ Geraldine were guest speakers. A robust discussion was had about financial literacy, savings and pitfalls. The girls had gone to a huge amount of trouble putting together a presentation and resources for us and this was greatly appreciated. Cameron and Zettlin were also named top students for their recent Advanced Fencing course. Well done.