From the Principal

By Mr Simon Coleman | Posted: Friday August 25, 2017

Tena koutou,

Currently we have a large number of events happening and often we lose sight of the amount of work both our staff and students do to make sure that all these events are seen through. In the last two weeks we have had these events - Open Day, Radio Show, Sports Finals, Conference Day, Careers Evening, Leaders Day, Science Lab opening, Ski Trips, Lip Sync and on it goes. All of these events form the fabric of our community and family orientated school. The commitment of our staff here at Geraldine High School constantly amazes me and I would like to say THANK YOU.

Staff leaving

We have a number of staff who are finishing at the end of the year, and currently we are working through the recruitment process for these. It is difficult to adequately thank staff who have given their entire teaching careers to Geraldine High School and the various aspects of school life.  We know that our students have been the better for having these staff as contributors to their holistic education.

Mrs Shirley Lindroos - My thanks to Shirley her dedication and sharing of her passion for Music and the excellent academic results that have been achieved because of this.  She has made a massive contribution to our school through productions, lip Sync, athletics, Year 10 challenge and much, much more.

Mr Mark Romans - Mark's contributions to sport, PE, Mentoring and ore recently as Career Dean, have been invaluable to so many of our students. Mark has forged strong relationships with our students in his Careers and Mentoring roles and through his understanding and support of their learning.

Mrs Doreen Callow - Science has been a cornerstone of Geraldine High School and many of our students have been involved in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Agriculture and our Primary Industries Academy. Doreen has always valued her relationships with students and will often be seen working with a range of students at break times and after school.

Mr Peter McCaskill - Without Peter,  we wouldn’t have the strong IT infrastructure and management systems in place for the whole school - staff and students alike - that we currently do. He has also been valuable in being able to teach across a number of subjects such as DTE, Biology and Technology Hard Materials.

Mr Richard Ramsay - Richard's role has not only been as HOD of Maths but he has also been an integral part of our Timetabling team and has enabled our school to function with the best operation given the complexities of timetable. Richard has been heavily involved in sport and outdoor activities which is  part of the special character of our school.

Open Day

We had a wonderful Open Day last Wednesday. Our students who were guides were exemplary and took this important responsibility in their stride. It is always a day that is special as we get to meet the eager students looking at our school but also showcase the wonderful teaching and learning environments that we have. My thanks to all the staff and students involved as well as the organisation of this from Mr Mark Hayward and Ms Michelle Cramond.

Science Lab Opening

Today we had the official opening of the Science Labs that have been revamped over the last 7 months. They have been well received by the classes that have been in these. In attendance were a range of dignitaries from MPs, Ministry of Education, the Deputy Mayor of Timaru, past and current Science teachers as well as other members of the community. This is part of a long term staged development of our facilities and follows on from the Outdoor Education, Library and Homeroom upgrades. My thanks to the work of the BOT Finance and Property group, Mr Mike Stephens and Mr Grant Rogers for the quality classrooms we now have.

Sport Achievements

We had a strategic goal in 2016 to raise the profile of sport across South Canterbury through development of stronger relationships with clubs and coaches, branding ourselves so that we value who we are in the sporting codes and creating opportunities for our players for higher honours. This year has seen many of these areas coming to fruition thanks to the dedication of our students, coaches and managers, teachers and our HOD of Sport Mr Mark Romans and Sports Coordinator Mrs Kim Andrews.

Two notable successes over last weekend were the Geraldine High Red Netball Team (Year 8) who won the top Grade for Year 7 & 8 in South Canterbury and also gained the Fairplay/Sportsmanship and Scoring the Most Goals Awards.

Our Under 14 1/2 Boys Rugby team won their final against St Kevins 43 - 24 which has shown the progress and development over the last few years from this group. This is a very competitive grade and our future looks good with this team. Well done to both these teams and we also have a number of other teams playing in finals so we wish them all the very best. See sports article later in newsletter.

Leaders Day

Today we had all the student leaders from all the High Schools in South Canterbury. This is an opportunity to get together, show our school to them and discuss and share the leadership experiences that they have all had. We were fortunate to have Guest Speaker, Jake Bailey, speak to this group. Jake was Head Boy at Christchurch Boys High School when he was diagnosed with Cancer and has been on an amazing journey through this challenge. I congratulate our Head Students - Pema Gyeltshen, Hayden Nelson, Emma Horn and Callum Patrick for taking the initiative and making the event occur.

Conference Day

This day is probably the most valuable day for our students and parents as you get to discuss in depth the progress of your son or daughter and how it aligns to the careers and subject choices they are about to make. It helps to ensure that they take the steps that are right for them for the remainder of this year and also helps to get things in place for next year. Our staff put a great deal of effort into this and it was beneficial for all the parents and students who attended.

I hope you take the opportunity to support our school sports teams this weekend with the many finals that we are involved in. Also coming up next week is the renowned event - Lip Sync - which is always a fantastic display of school talent.

Ngā mihi mahana mō te wiki nei