Year 7 Ski Trip

By Shianne Ecclestone and Erin Harland-Christie, Year 7 | Posted: Thursday September 7, 2017

By Shianne Ecclestone and Erin Harland-Christie

On Tuesday 29th of August 2017, all the Year 7's gathered round and we took off at 7.30am on two buses to go to Round Hill for a ski trip. It was a very long ride, approximately 2 ½ hours to get there. When arrived there a lady came onto the buses to tell us what to do. She got us to go up to her in a single file line, then she asked us our names and checked our level, and gave us our pass/ticket. We then went into a small room where we got all of our gear. We got ski boots first then we got our skis, and last we got our helmet. 

The level one and two’s had to go straight to their lesson at 10:30, while the rest of the levels got free time. Then the level one and two's got free time while the others had their lessons. As far as we know everyone went up the Poma, a few fell off but that didn't stop us from going again - we used resilience (this year's school theme). While we were skiing down the mountain, we caught up with Miss Ross and we gave her a race down to the bottom. She was snowboarding while we were skiing. We went up again and again. We saw Miss Ross fall over a few times. Once the 6 hours were over we headed back to the buses but before we left we got class photos. When we finally got back to school our parents were waiting there to hear the whole story.