Year 8 Ski Trip

By Molly Kate Morrison, Year 8 | Posted: Thursday September 7, 2017

By Molly Kate Morrison

It was the day we had been longing for! The 22nd of August Geraldine High Schools Year 8 ski day! It all started off with the noising buzzing of excited children as the rickety old bus trundled up the snowy ridge.

As we got handed our passes that would make our time most memorable, the people who needed to hire their gear strutted off. Emma Wilson, Arabella and I were left with the company of each other and the squawking Keas. Once we were bundled up in our winter woollies we headed straight to the T-bar just in time to catch up with the rest of our friends!

The day flew by as quick as light. It was full of hearty laughter, sweet chewy lollies and of course lots and lots of fun, amusement and entertainment!

At 12 o’clock it was time to head over for our lesson. Lucky for me I had a good group and a cool instructor named Sam. Sam taught us how to do some interesting things on skis including how to one ski, three sixty and do a spin with three people. After our lessons it was nearly time to head for home!

The T-bar gripped me from behind, and there I was sliding up the icy slope with Amelia by my side! Arabella and I had planned an adventurous run to finish off the day, it was bound to be full of laughs and we were right!

It started with Amelia following Arabella and it lead into a bumpy creek beard covered in a thick layer of snow. Amelia not being the most confident skier fell over numerous times! Her skis flying all over the place even into the creek! It was at this time that I glanced at my watch - 3:45, we were supposed to be back 15 minutes ago! We were half expecting the rescue helicopter to fly over head to find us that was how worried we were about being so late!

Finally after a lot of hard work we popped up back on the track. I was so thankful that the teachers were still on the deck waving kids back onto the bus!

As we neared home tiredness wafted over me and all I felt like was having a hot bath and hopping into bed! And that was exactly what I did after the amazing day on the snow!