Year 8 Ski Trip

By Arabella Acland, Year 8 | Posted: Thursday September 7, 2017

By Arabella Acland

Excitement was high as I arrived at school, my friends ran up to me saying “ I can't wait, I can’t wait” - the annual ski trip was always a highlight of the year.

As soon as we had found out who was on our bus, we sprinted towards the bus all wanting to try and get the best seat for talking to our friends and also looking at the beautiful scenery on the way up the mountain. The bus engine started up and we waved goodbye to the second bus which unfortunately had gotten in front of us! We all started chatting away and then all was silent as everyone realised that our bus wasn’t even moving, we were in the exact same spot. We were all very confused but after about 20 minutes we were driving. As soon as we moved cheers went up and already I knew it was going to be a fabulous day.

As we turned the corner, Round Hill came into view with the mountains of snow it had on it! The drive went quickly and soon we were parked up ready to go. As all of my friends went to receive their rentals I stayed behind and got my gear on, it was a bluebird day with only a slight breeze which was just right! Molly, Emma and I trod up to the T-bar but with boots on this was always the dreaded bit! But we didn’t mind all we wanted to do is get on the mountain and start skiing!

The liftey passed me my T-bar and I slid on and started to go up the mountain with Molly Kate by my side. We had a good chin-wag and time flew and before we knew it we were already up the top! Deciding to warm up we took a left and skied down - it was amazing! Nice powder which was just right not too deep but not to icy, I couldn’t wait to take the rest of my friends up! As I skied down, Amelia, Emma, Rachel and Chloe were all waiting for us, “come up with us” I yelled. They immediately came and this time I went up with Amelia. Tensions were high as when Amelia and I go up on a T-bar it never ends well! We were halfway up when we started to get unbalanced but we managed to stay on because the thought of falling of and having to go right back down was not a good one! We managed to get to the top safely and started to ski!

Time flew by as we were having enormous amounts of fun and it was 12:00 which meant ski lesson time! The ski lesson was so much fun and at the same time I was learning so much! But soon enough it was finished and we were all worn out, we were looking forward to having some well deserved lunch. We all re-grouped and had some lunch, then we were back out skiing with more energy and trying to get as many runs in as we could! 

It came to the end of the day it and it was the last run of the day. We sped down and came to a halt I yelled down to Molly Kate “come down here!” I already knew that it was going to be an amazing time. We slid down the hill into soft fluffy powder and right beside us was a creek, we were aware of it. Above us was Amelia “come down here” I yelled out. She slid down and crashed. Her ski came flying off and I was watching it slid into the creek “ nooooooooo” I yelled out I knew this was going to be a bad idea, so I had to ski down and put my hand in and pull her ski out meanwhile Molly Kate was trying to get her ski back on eventually which seemed like one hundred centuries we were ready, we skied down but soon enough she crashed again, let’s just say that it was not easy to get out of there!

We skied down to the cafe where Ms Williams, Mrs linklater and Mr Silcock were waiting for us. My tummy turned into knots as they didn't have very happy faces but all was good and soon enough we were on the bus on the way home!

Surrounding me were tired faces yawning away! But I could still do that any day!