Examination Procedures and Information

By Mr Grant Rogers | Posted: Friday September 22, 2017

All Year 11-13 students are on study leave during this time. It is the expectation that students are either at school sitting an exam, or at home studying. Students may only use the Library for study at school if receiving tuition from a teacher. Students are not to play on the fields as Year 7-10 classes are running as normal. The Common Room is not for study and will be closed. All Year 11-13 students at school for study must sign in/out at the School Office. You do not need to sign in for an exam.

To travel on the school buses students must be in school uniform.

Students must make prior arrangements if they wish to see a teacher for study/tutorials. Teachers need to know students are coming in.

It  is compulsory for students to attend their exams.

The Importance of the Practice Exams

These exams are significant as not only do they provide students with a very accurate gauge as to their current performance, but the results will be;

  • Used as evidence if for some reason they are not able to sit the NCEA examination later in November (this should not be under-estimated).
  • Provide evidence for entry into next year courses.
  • To gain automatic entry into your chosen subjects next year, you need to meet the pre-requisites listed in the course booklet. The external requirements of the pre-requisites can be gained by passing these in the school Practice exams. If you do not pass the practice exam(s), then your NCEA results will be reviewed in January to see if you have met the requirements for entry into the subject.
  • Is evidence used for awards and scholarships at the end of year Prizegiving.


  • If absent from school on the day of an exam students must phone the School Office on that day and provide a medical certificate on your return.
  • Students should assemble 15 minutes prior to their exam.
  • Supervising teachers will check attendance.
  • Students who arrive late must report to the School Office. Teachers supervising the exam will be notified by the office staff and then students will be escorted into the exam by a teacher. No additional time will be given.
  • All students will remain in the exam room for a minimum of 1 hour. Students will be released every 30 minutes from then on.
  • Students can remain in the exam room for the full time offered in that session if they wish.
  • Only communicate with the supervisor. Put your hand up.
  • Consult your own copy of the exam timetable to ensure that you attend all exams at the appropriate time and place.
  • Students who behave inappropriately will be asked to leave and will face discipline procedures. Parents will be contacted.
  • Spare paper is not given to make notes or planning, you must use the paper provided in the booklet.
  • When students leave the exam they must leave the building, not go to the toilet.

Students with reader/writers will be collected from the Hall.


  • Be in full school uniform when at school, either for study or for an exam; No slippers, sleeping bags, blankets etc.
  • Follow the supervisor's instructions at ALL times.
  • Communicate only with the supervisor (hand up).
  • Behave in a polite and courteous manner during the exam.
  • If you need to leave the exam for any reason you MUST obtain permission from the supervisor (hand up).
  • Blue and black pens must be used. All necessary stationery must be in a clear plastic bag. Twink is not allowed.
  • Mobile phones and other electronic devices are switched off and placed on the floor. All other electronic items are by approval of the supervisor. Any item that is confiscated will be returned at the end of the week.
  • All bags MUST be left in the Hall Foyer, not outside.
  • Bring your materials in a clear plastic sleeve or in your hands. You may bring with you; a drink bottle containing water only; a reading book if you think you will finish early.
  • Do not bring lollies.
  • Place all loose sheets of writing paper together at the conclusion of the exam and place these inside the exam paper.
  • If the exam room is cold, you will be notified if you are allowed to keep jackets on.

Please see copy of Timetable attached.