Food Technology

By Miss Amy Ross | Posted: Thursday September 21, 2017

On Thursday 14th September, 7Ro invited their parents into the Food Tech room for lunch. We all invited someone, then we cooked for them. We cooked fried rice which we made into our own as  we thought it would be a cool idea. We interviewed who was coming to see if they liked our idea and we adjusted it to their liking. We did all sorts of things. Some of us moulded our rice, some put it on omelettes, some put them on kebabs and there were other ideas as well that were all really cool. We had fun doing this. We set the tables up nicely so that the parents had a nice time and parents could meet each other. We did a few practice rounds before to see what they were like, then we adjusted it if they didn't work.

By Shianne Ecclestone

Thanks to all the parents, grandparents and friends who showed their support to 7RO on Thursday. It was a fantastic celebration and one that the students enjoyed. I hope they now treat you to many wonderful dinners and treats to showcase their top notch skills acquired through Food Technology.