Merit Awards

By Mrs Kate Eddy | Posted: Thursday September 21, 2017

These students have recently been awarded with the following Merit Awards:

5 Merits

Makayla Van Der Valk, Alliah Baniqued and Cameron Prattley

10 Merits

Ben Gould, Leah Pritchard and Heidi Bolt

15 Merits

Lily-Ana Donaldson and Angel Pullman-Stewart

20 Merits

Blake Miller, Briah Templeton, Leah Boase, Chelsea Hartill-Johnston, Gus McKeown, Ethan Grant, Hamish Hydes and Gemma Farquhar

25 Merits

Emma Rowley, Nikia Wills, Koefi Brown and Jessica Furrer

30 Merits

Kristin Schoneveld, Serenity Pullman-Stewart, Elle Fraser, Harriet Hopa-Parke, William Eason and Indie Sutherland

35 Merits

Jack Harper, Lydia Rae, Trixie Rate and Faith Manzanillo

40 Merits

Libby Smith

Senior Merits for Responsibility

Jaffar Nuru, Matthew Hornsby, Alesha Martin, Shiloh Mould, Lydia Wilson and Taylor Gallagher

Senior Merits for Achievement

Jordan van der Wielen